Obtaining Sewer Capacity for Projects

If you are developer interested in building in Hooksett and need sewer capacity, please make an appointment to meet with the Sewer Commissioners at a scheduled meeting. Bring in plans and specs for the project.

System Development Fees are charged for obtaining capacity and are calculated as follows:

225 gallons/day = 1 Residential Unit  (One building with 30 apartments = 30 Units)

1 Unit = $6,200

Senior Housing is discounted at $3,100 per unit.

Accessary dwelling Unit (ADU) $3,100 (aka In-law apt)

Permit Fees:

                Residential - $100 per unit

                Commercial - $300 per unit

                Industrial- $400 per unit

                Senior Housing - $100 per unit

                ADU - $100 per unit